Not Just Picture Hanging...

Art Install provides a bespoke service that incorporates a whole spectrum of art related services, not just picture hanging! We can package, transport, store and install your art.  We can also design and create bespoke wall hangings, plinths and sculpture supports to suit your interior and art work; using a combination of advanced computer aided design softwares.  We can then show our clients what the finished piece will look like with the artwork before creation. 

Art Install has a wide network of art professionals that we know and trust.  Our clients often rely on us to organise for their art to be restored, as we are in touch with a network of specialised conservation experts.  We have organised the restoration of anything from Antique Tapestries and Asian Screens to Old Master Paintings and Contemporary Art.

Installing in High Places

The Art Install team’s reputation has led them to work with some of the most esteemed Art Collectors in the world.  This has included royalty, high-profile celebrities and well known, influential figures within the art industry.  The team have worked with world renowned art works from Classical Antiquities to Old Master works all the way through to Modern and Contemporary. The team have handled and installed extremely well know artist’s work such as Renoir, Titian, Tracey Emin, Picasso, Van Dyck, Cézanne, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Banksy, Roy Lichtenstein and more. 

Art install widened their services from London to cover the UK and Europe as some of our client’s have property abroad and trusted only us to handle and install their artwork.  We have travelled to the Alps, Spain, Italy, France, Monaco and many more locations for our loyal and affluent clients.  This has also included trusting Art Install to transport priceless artworks overseas securely and efficiently.